Thursday, January 29, 2009

French word of the day: quartier (KAR-tyay); neighbourhood

Bonjour mes amis,

Welcome to a tour of our 'hood. Not comprehensive, but it will give you an idea of the area.

The view from our front door: a parking lot. This area does not have much in the way of detached houses at street level, so we often surprise pedestrians when we emerge from the house and step down onto the sidewalk.

This "used to be" a red light district.

Who knew porn theatres still exist?

Montreal, city of haute couture and tacky tourist t-shirts. I'm with stupid!

We recently watched a CBC tribute to the Montreal Canadiens for their centenary. Host George Strombopolis (sp?) was walking around major party places in Montreal, and this nightclub was one of them. Milo loves the giant hanging spider at the front gate. But he's underage, so he can't go in.

Henri Henri: who knew haberdashers still existed? This one is right on our corner, and has been there since 1938. See my first post; behind me is the interior of the shop, which probably has not changed since it opened.

The Quebec Grande Bibliotheque and archives. It was designed by the Patkaus, apparently to much controversy as they are anglophone architects and many thought it would be more appropriate to get Quebecois designers.

Here's a shot taken from inside one of the glass elevators.

St. Catherine's street, a long rue of many moods.

Who doesn't want to buy their smokes from the local wise guy?

Milo's daycare. Not the massive gothic church, the modern office building to the left of it.

A head shop. Bongs a go-go. And listen, it's not hip hop if it's on the radio. (I don't know what that means; it's on the shirt in the window. Anyone?)

That's it for now, peeps. This is a sucky coding job, sorry if there are swaths of blank space between the pictures, will try to do better next post.

We got a FOOT of snow last night!!! In.sane.

Later sk8ers.


  1. Al Pacino in Montreal - what an image! I can see him at a Habs game trying to snort the snow. Anyway, we're still scheduling to come see you. Talk with you soon - Dale

  2. Hip hop is all about authenticity these days. The belief is that if you're on the radio you are a sellout and somehow not real. Real hip hip is underground from the streets and has no business on pop radio.